Project Maximus

Better your life through training


Bobby's Law:

"There are 7 days in a week, someday isn't one of them"

Project Maximus is a collection of like-minded individuals who believe that by using physical tools they can improve every aspect of their lives. Life is about improvement in all aspects. The goal every day is to become a better person: emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Through hard work all of these things can be achieved. There is nothing that is out of your reach. You can become everything you were meant to become. You have the power to transform yourself and your life. You just have to want it badly enough and believe in yourself.

Project Maximus is led by Bobby Maximus, The GM and Training Director of Gym Jones, Author of Men’s Health The Maximus Body, former UFC fighter, and world renowned strength & conditioning coach.

Join us. Take the first step on your journey. Take charge of your life and join the Maximus Project.